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Details Values in Education and Education in Values

Values in Education and Education in Values This work provides an analysis of how schools can influence the developing values of young people. The authors first examine, from the perspective of educationalists and policy makers, values within ...

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Details Good Old Values Bamboo Toothpicks, Pack of 1000 by Good Old Values

Round Wooden Toothpicks, Ideal for d'oeuvres & other delicacies

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Details Good Old Values Plush Stocking & Santa Hat Set - Leopard by Good Old Values

Velvet Fabric, Plush Leopard Trim, Great Decoration Set, Hat Is One Size Fits Most, Add Festivity And Fun To Your Christmas Decor!

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Details The Cultural Values of Europe

The Cultural Values of Europe What is the cultural identity of Europe? Are there specifically European values? Questions like these are at the centre of a considerable number of political and scholarly debates in contemporary Europe. This title ...

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Details Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful: Discourse about Values in Yoruba Culture: Discourse About Values in an African Culture

In Yoruba culture, morality and moral values are intimately linked to aesthetics. The purest expression of beauty, at least where human beings are concerned, is to possess a good moral character. But what is the basis on which moral character is ...

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Details Technology and Values: Essential Readings

Technology and Values This anthology features essays and book excerpts on technology and values written by preeminent figures in the field from the early 20th century to the present. It offers an in-depth range of readings on important applied issues ...

208,64 EUR*
Details "Norms, Values, and Society" (Vienna Circle Institute Yearbook)

Norms, Values, and Society Norms, Values, and Society is the second Yearbook of the Vienna Circle Institute, which was founded in October 1991. The main part of the book contains original contributions to an international symposium the Institute held ...

95,73 EUR*
Details The Structure of Values and Norms (Cambridge Studies in Probability, Induction and Decision Theory)

The Structure of Values and Norms A unified formal representation of values and norms reflecting both their static and their dynamic properties. Full description

127,15 EUR*
Details Learning Democracy: Democracy and Economic Values in Unified Germany: Democratic and Economic Values in Unified Germany (Comparative European Politics)

The fall of the Berlin wall raised many questions about Germany and post-socialist countries. Given East Germany's authoritarian history, how democratic are its citizens now? What kind of democracy do they want a liberal or socialist democracy? What ...

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Details Teaching Cross-Cultural Values: 50 Interactive Critical Reasoning Skills Development Activities

"Teaching Cross-Cultural Values" came out of the need to give students an interactive experience with the course materials, and to be able to gently coax them to reevaluate their own values and concepts on diverse cultures in a relatively safe ...

17,29 EUR*
Details The De-moralization Of Society: From Victorian Virtues to Modern Values

The De-Moralization of Society As the debate over values grows ever more divisive, one of the most eminent historians of the Victorian era reminds readers that values are no substitute for virtues--and that the Victorian considered hard work, thrift ...

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Details Restoring the Village, Values, and Commitment: Solutions for the Black Family


39,00 EUR*
Details The Values of Bureaucracy

The end of bureaucracy has been anticipated many times throughout the history of management science, as well as in modern social and political theory. This book sets out to show why bureaucracy persists and what values it embodies and upholds. Thus ...